Nassau County Soccer Officials Association

2020 President's Letter

Hopefully you are all safe and well.  I am sending this out to let you know what is happening with the soccer season.

At this point we have not been told the soccer season will be canceled or moved to the spring; so our only option is to move forward as if the season is going to be played in the fall.  That being said everyone must complete the 5 point plan.  If you are planning on officiating in the fall or the spring you must complete the online test by September 16.  The test will not be available in the spring!!!  If you do not complete and pass the test now, you will NOT be able to officiate soccer in the spring in the event the season is moved.  You must pay your dues to George Snizek by November 15th, 2020, just as you would every year.  If the soccer season is not played this school year in either the fall or the spring, your dues will be applied to the following year.

The August 27th Interpretation Meeting has been CANCELLED.  All meetings EXCEPT for the August 27 Interpretation Meeting will proceed as scheduled until further notice.  We will inform everyone in the next week or two what the meeting format will be.

If you have decided NOT to officiate Boys' Soccer this fall it is extremely important that you notify George Snizek and BOCES as soon as possible.  Scheduling assignments this fall will be difficult enough without BOCES having to reschedule games that were assigned to officials who have decided not to work. 

For those of you who are wondering what your status is I am working on scheduling a zoom meeting with Pat Pizzarelli, but as you can imagine he is extremely busy right now, especially with the retirement of Jay Gallagher.  If this can’t be accomplished before the season starts we will use the coaches ratings for moving officials up or down, the same way it was done in the past.

I will update you as soon as any more information becomes available.  The governor is expected to make a decision regarding school and scholastic athletics by next week. 

Thanks and Stay Safe!

Yours in Soccer,
Tom Cully

President, NCSOA