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Interested in Becoming a Soccer Official?
Contact Bill Cleary @:
 -  (please cc: )
 - (516) 579-9323
Classes to begin in August 2019, Tentative Dates - 8/5, 8/7, 8/12, 8/14, 8/19 & 8/21
Location - Nassau BOCES, Conference Room 1D, 71 Clinton Rd, Garden City, NY 11530

2019 Meeting Dates Announced

Monday, August 26th - Interpretation Meeting - MANDATORY
Tuesday, September 5th - Second Interpretation Meeting - Optional 
Monday, September 23rd - Modified/Playoff Meeting - MANDATORY
Monday, October 7th - Elections/Mechanics Meeting - MANDATORY
DINNER - Wednesday, Nov. 13th @ 7pm @ Patrizia's, 4913 Merrick Rd., Massapequa Park 11762


Congratulations to:
Stephen Padaetz - Referee of the Year
Marty Mangialardi - New Official of the Year/Joe Podair Award
Matt Sether - Coaches Referee of the Year

Procedure for restarts after an injury are as follows:

1) Team with possession of the ball when play is stopped starts play with an indirect free kick. Unless the ball went out of play then we start with the correct restart.

2) If the GK has the ball when there is a stoppage for an injury, the correct restart is indirect free kick for that keepers team, where the keeper possessed the ball. We do not drop the ball for the keeper to pick up nor give the keeper the ball to punt or throw.

3) If there is no clear possession after a stoppage for an injury,  then it’s a drop ball between 2 players (one from each team).  IN HIGH SCHOOL SOCCER WE DO NOT DROP THE BALL TO ONE PLAYER AND HAVE HIM KICK IT BACK TO THE OTHER TEAM. If a team wants to give the ball to the other team you must have 2 players present (one from each team) at the time of the drop ball.

​New Red Card/Disqualification Procedures

To All Officials,
 - If you issue a yellow card you MUST fill out a game report on our website,, and submit it.  One official can submit all the yellow cards.  The report will automatically be sent to Tom Cully once you submit it.  If you have a non-league game, yellow cards still MUST be reported.  DO NOT CALL BOCES TO REPORT YELLOW CARDS.
 -  if you issue a red card BOTH officials MUST fill out a game report on our website,  The report will automatically be sent to Tom Cully once you submit it.  It would be a good idea for the officials to call Tom as well to discuss the red card or cards before submitting the unsportsmanlike/disqualification report to BOCES.
 - BOTH officials MUST then submit an unsportsmanlike/disqualification report to BOCES, which can be found on the BOCES Sportspak website, where you retrieve your assignments and where your availability is.  Please make sure you and your partner discuss the details of the red card and all the facts are correct before submitting this report. There is no blank form. 
 - Here is how you access the form.  Under officials, click on "Unsportsmanlike Form" (it's in the same pull down menu as "Assignments"). You must enter your username and password.  Once you are in, you select the date of the game on the calendar and your game will come up.  Then you need to click onto the game number, bottom left, and the form will come up.  Fill out your report and submit. It’s simple as that.

Nassau County Soccer Officials Association