Online Test

Nassau County Soccer Officials Association

Online test must be completed & results submitted to Geroge Snizek @ & by Sept 1 or you will be removed from all games on your BOCES schedule.

Unfortunately the NFHS & NYSPHSAA threw us a major curve ball which was not recognized until after several members attempted to log in an take the test on June 1st. The NFHS has updated their testing site and have deleted all previous profiles. The  “bad news” is all NYSCOS members must register before taking the 2019 test. The “good news” is that everyone who registers will receive an e-mail confirmation as well as an e-mail confirmation when they complete and submit the test with their score. Examples of both e-mails have been attached.

In an effort to streamline and deal with this situation below are revised instructions

All members of NYSCOS will be required to set up a new NFHS profile. 
If you click on the following link it will take you directly to the NFHS Test site,
You will then get the “NFHS  Exam Sign in Register Page” (see pdf #1 attached). Since you do not have a profile you will need to click on the “Register” tab in the upper right hand portion on the page as shown.
It will then take you to the “NFHS Account Set Up page” (see pdf #2 attached). After this page is completed hit “next” and it will take you to the “NFHS Personal Information Page (see pdf #3 attached). Complete the information on this page and hit “next”. This will then take you to the  “State Association Information” page (see pdf #4 attached). On this page the only information that needs to be filled out  is the drop down menu on the top, select “New York” as “Primary State Association” and the bottom “Local Association”. The middle section of the page “Alternate State Association” can be ignored.  It is critical that the “Local Association” if filled out correctly. Use the attached pdf “ NYSCOS Association Directory 2018” and enter the information EXACTLY as shown in RED in parenthesis  next to your local board. My local board is Orange County so I entered “Orange”. After this is completed a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the registered NYSCOS member (see attached pdf “NFHS Testing Account Created E-mail”

You are now ready to take the test. On the e-mail confirmation that you receive, there will be a link that states “Click here to sign in”. It will bring you back to a “log in” page where after you enter your username & password in will take you to the “NFHS Exam Dashboard” (see pdf #5) where you can click on the green “Take Exam” button next to “New York 2019 Soccer Exam Part #1” and begin. When you have completed and submitted the exam you will get a e-mail confirmation (see attached). Please have your membership send this e-mail to the appropriate person within your local board for record keeping

It is recommended that everyone receiving this e-mail go through the above procedure of setting up an new account  and become familiar with it before notifying their membership of the change in the test procedure.

Please note the following

6)    You can begin taking the test on 6/1/19.  Part 1 of the test will be open from 6/1/19 until 8/13/19.

7)    Part 2 will be open from 8/14/19 until 9/1/19  

8)    Successfully passing either version, Part 1 or Part 2, will meet the NFHS requirement .

When taking the "On Line" test, the registered participant will have 99 attempts to get the passing grade.  For "Varsity" officials the passing grade is 85.  The passing grade for "Non-Varsity" officials is set by the Local Board (minimum of 70).  When the test is completed ("On Line") and submitted, the participant will immediately receive the grade.  If it meets the minimum requirement they can stop and forward the result and forward to appropriate person on their Local Board.  If they want to take the test again in an attempt to receive a higher grade they can proceed.  It is the responsibility of everyone taking the test to record the grade and notify the their Local Board that they have successfully completed the test. 

As requested in the past two years, and again this year, your professionalism and assistance in implementing this policy is appreciated.  I have had many conversations with fellow officials throughout NYS regarding the NFHS "On Line" test.  There are many “pros” and many “cons”.  Regardless of how we feel individually,  it is the law and if you want to officiate high school soccer in New York State it is a mandatory requirement.

Ed McLaughlin,  Past President
New York State Certified Officials of Soccer (NYSCOS)